There's a sweetness to each of Virginie Maillard's pieces. A French computer artist from Burgundy, Virginie has that rare ability of evoking childhood memories. Whether it's the thrill of riding a bike for the first time or the comforting feeling of always having a friend, through stuffed animals, each experience is as special as the next. What I enjoy most about her work is that she shows children in a contemplative state, perhaps sad or distraught over the day's events, but strong and resilient enough to carry on.

Virginie Maillard

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  • Love these! would love to see more.....the second one reaches out to you to have it on my wall!
  • That's mah grandpa in the first pic .. and that's me as a baby!
  • these are so good!

    the 2nd one: i wish i could sit next to her and be her friend...
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