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  • liquidate your assets and hide your money under your mattress...
  • Ahhh yes another carefully crafted speech. Does he mention that he only votes on what he thinks are important issues... (look up the definitions of Aristocracy and Oligarchy, Democracy and Republic) in a society that is supposed to be based on the people being heard by their representatives and then their representative actually representing them...why has Barrack Obama missed 303 votes (46.3%) during the current Congress. His 1st order of business (down payment on another ill-crafted rescue plan)... comparing wall street and main street? I don't think the main street of my town will ever look like wall street... maybe he is talking about the main street of Harvard... 2 million Americans to work... 5 million new jobs? (Pretty slick... so, it looks like he is planning to expand NAFTA and the WTO agreements and provide 3 million jobs to foreign workers in sweat shops). G-20.... Just a few weeks ago it was the G-7... after Russia had dropped out of the G-8... now we have the G-20 all of a sudden... or was it planned? and who planned it? {since you have time to log on and read and write on here... then you have time to read the US Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights... and while you are reading them ask yourself a few questions... and I'll give you just one to ask for now... who is authorized to negotiate trade for the United States? And before you say that NAFTA, GATT, WTO G-8, G-7, and G-20 are products of any particular party... just look at who signed them into law... and then follow who is really supporting their expansion... and are republicans and democrats any different? Do any of them have anything really different to say when it comes to their tactics of manipulation... (again look at the definition of Aristocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy and Republic).
    And, here are statements from the G-20 in their own words, and while you are reading this ask yourself (who are the forces that manipulate the markets, and what might be their reason for doing so?) Look at oil for example... do you think that our Government will ever feel an obligation to explore other sources of energy with any resolve when OPEC can reduce the cost of a barrel to such a low price that no-one else can compete with their manipulations) Do you think that we will end our wars and conflicts while oil remains the worlds leading source of energy, with Russia, Venezuela and Sudan. Making money hand over fist, along with all the oil companies, executives, stock holders (do you own stock?) Not just oil stock, but the entire market fluctuates according to how oil does… think about it… when will we be able to have world peace? If you open your eyes a little you will see that the leaders of the “Free World” do not want peace… they want WAR… and the Democrats, Republicans, Fascists, Communists, Maoists… are all the same…. Manipulation is the name of the game…

    all part of the … G-8 -- G-7 --G-20 --- tri-lateral commission --- United Nations---New World Order ---MATRIX … (Again, after reading the Constitution… who is authorized to negotiate trade for the United States of America?
    G-20 statements (
    1. We, the Leaders of the Group of Twenty, held an initial meeting in Washington on November 15, 2008, amid serious challenges to the world economy and financial markets. We are determined to enhance our cooperation and work together to restore global growth and achieve needed reforms in the world's financial systems.

    2. Over the past months our countries have taken urgent and exceptional measures to support the global economy and stabilize financial markets. These efforts must continue. At the same time, we must lay the foundation for reform to help to ensure that a global crisis, such as this one, does not happen again. Our work will be guided by a shared belief that market principles, open trade and investment regimes, and effectively regulated financial markets foster the dynamism, innovation, and entrepreneurship that are essential for economic growth, employment, and poverty reduction.

    Make sure you read between the lines… do some research before you form an opinion of who is going to be the great facilitator of change for this Nation… maybe you need to write a letter to your "represenatatives", as I have; but then again, they may not ever read it, they may be busy planning their next campaign, vacation or lemming cliff jump event...
  • That's pretty awesome of him to do this every week on youtube. Is this guy human?
  • Bravo.I think he is brilliant, not only for what he says but for reaching out in every possible way to the people, This is one of the reasons I have been smiling as of late.
  • good job mr prez.. thanks for stepping into the 21st century... some of us don't really listen to the radio
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