I just wanted to give a shout out to my old friend from Outdoor Channel, Dave Warner, for creating this 3D chromadepth picture of Sammy. He recently sold it at the Riverside Art Museum for $300! You apparently need 3D glasses to really see the picture in all its glory but from this one image we can tell it's an awesome piece of art. Too cool!
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  • wow neat!!
    sammy: i'm loving the facial expression...=P
  • I will pay $300 to see what's that big round thing Sammy is putting in his mouth
  • Awesome job Dave! Congrats, I'll take my share of 50% please. Just kidding. It's a bottle of Ice wine that a good friend gave us. Delicious!
  • very cool! and in 3D! so sam, what are you drinking? :]
  • serious? hahaha that's awesome!!!!!!!!!!! You're on someone's wall? I'm so getting your autograph! I KNEW you were cool, I didn't care what all the other people were saying, I said that Sam is one cool cat. haha
  • wow...that's cool..you just got immortalized!
  • step away from the bottle Sammy! Everything will be ok...
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