Patrick Thorendahl, better known as PeejeT, has amassed an impressive collection of photos with celebrities, except none of them are real. The clever photo manipulator has created a hilarious collection of Photoshopped images featuring himself hanging out with numerous celebrities.

From Kanye West and Jay-Z to Halle Berry and Amanda Bynes, Peejet is right beside his "friends" on his Instagram. From giving Drake a hand with his workout and piggy-backing on Beyoncé's motorcycle ride to lying across a piano, only to be serenaded by Alicia Keys, he can be seen doing any number of activities with his only-in-photos friends.

PeejeT continues to update his Instagram and Twitter account with topical photos pertaining to pop culture. With so many doctored photos of himself with celebrities, the creative hobbyist comically tweets: "I have zero real pics of myself. If I were to die there would be pics of Nicki Minaj's buttcheeks resting on my forehead at my funeral."

peejet on Instagram
via [BuzzFeed]
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  • I'm in love this work, so much humor. Some could be made slightly better, but the grandiose fun outweighs this tiny flaws.

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