Photographer Denis Lomme recently took this super cute photo of a little kitten sitting in a glass. Titled Have a Drink?, it was chosen as an Editor's Choice on 500px about a week ago. On the popular photo sharing site, the photo proved a bit controversial as many remarked that the kitten looked "unhappy" or "a bit sad." To those worried, Denis explained that the kitten just stayed in the glass a couple of seconds and that, "concerning his face, he always has this expression."

What are you thoughts? Too cute or a bit sad?

Photo credit: Denis Lomme

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  • i think this pic is super cute. and the kitten is fine.

  • What you do with your kitten guardianship is entirely up to you, but the kitten looks worried to me. If you say that this is the expression the kitten wears all the time, maybe he's anxious all the time? He's awfully tiny to be exposed a stressful situation like this, under hot lights, even by accident. He should still maybe be with his Mom? Maybe he's not up for all the stress you would like to think he's game for? Jes' sayin' . . .

    Of course if he were bigger, stronger, he probably wouldn't have let you man-handle him into a glass. He would have jumped out. It's precisely because he was helpless, that you could exert your will over him, that you could make the shot, and just because you could, didn't mean you should. So, in my view of your photo, a big human takes advantage of tiny creature for a cheap shot, boring at best and not ethical at worst . . . I think you could do better than that. It's a photo that's sooo been done. It's not worth the stress it caused the little guy. Go after some fresh content for the next contest, please. Thank you.

    I have a grown dog who I have been photographing for all his his life. I can always tell by the look in his eyes when he is a bit frantic about it or bored or concerned, and because I can see it on his face (and would see it in the photo) - it doesn't matter if no one else reads what I read into his expression and might have said "cute shot," I don't want that shot and we stop. In this case the kitten looks worried and vulnerable and helpless because it was, and people responded to that. I'm sure you're not an ogre, but because you didn't respond to the kitten's distress, took the picture and submitted it, it doesn't mean other people didn't pick up on the distress energy in the shot. So, you sort of brought this on yourself by the choices you made . . .

  • maybe people should calm down because i don't think its actually possible to drink a cat. which means the photographer must be playing with words....

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