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  • FF seems to crash a LOT lately. When that happens I get all frustrated and use Chrome instead. Downside is that Chrome does not have this one little nifty add-on which I use a lot which FF does have.
  • CHROME ROCKS. :P Surprised there are some people still using IE.
  • @Ian - I know exactly what you mean! I always have tons of tabs open and I find myself having to restart it sometimes. I think your illustration would be more appropriate...
  • Chrome user for a a while now, could never go back.
  • @Eugene - I'm a Firefox guy too but the main issue I have with it is that if you run it too long and watch a lot of flash movies, it tends to turn into a resource hog. So I vote for a giant snowball rolling down a hill, the longer it runs the bigger it gets until it crashes your computer. The add-on don't do too much unless you download every one.
  • @Ian - I'm on firefox myself. I love it, but it is glitchy at times. Want to try out Chrome more, but haven't gotten around to it.
  • I disagree with the Firefox one but the rest seem pretty spot on... Especially IE
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