Over the weekend, Tiger Woods hit a ball directly at photographer Mark Pain's camera at the Ryder Cup. Pain took this shot right before impact. The photographer from The Mail didn't flinch, however, and captured this extraordinary picture just before the ball hit his camera, bounced onto his chest and came to rest at his feet. "Woods was furious about his blunder, but neither he nor caddie Steve Williams objected to Pain's position. The Americans accepted that the ball had hit the intrepid photographer only because Tiger's effort, from rain-soaked rough, had been so badly struck." via [dailymail]
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  • @Pedro - lol
  • LOL.... who cares about Tiger when you can have cigar guys all over... lol
  • Haha, Kevin!

    From Reddit to MSNBC..the cigar guy meme is blowin' up!
  • More proof that Tiger Woods can't keep his balls to himself!
  • LMAO.... so funny! :P
  • Check out this meme a person posted on our FB page..too funny!

  • Damn cool shot. Love the cigar guy, Duc! Haha...
  • @ Duc, I thought the exact same thing about the with the cigar in his mouth. Too funny, what a great shot!
  • awesome photo. and look at the guy on the right with the cigar in his mouth. that dude looks like he was photoshopped in. haha
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