After Viktor Hertz's Pictogram Movie Posters flew around the web, the hardworking illustrator made Honest Logos, a hilarious series that made us laugh because it struck a little too close to home. (Yes, we all know that the Facebook logo should be changed to Procrastination.)

Hertz has now returned back to his (pictogram) roots but, this time, instead of movies he's tackling famous songs, creating some very clever music posters out of their titles.

"So, I thought I’d continue with the pictograms, seems like I can’t leave them alone at the moment (big surprise)," he says on Flickr. This time I made some posters depicting songs, which leaves me a lot of new unexplored ground. There will be more of these, as long as I’m happy with the results (I’ll try to be more picky this time, and select the really good ones). Again, let me know if I’m getting boring or too simple."

Any requests?

Pictogram Music Posters on Flickr

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Comment by Alyssa Anda on July 22, 2011 at 11:22am
I love the simplicity of it. It really makes all the difference.

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