Last year, French photographer Sacha Goldberger had one incredibly busy summer. In addition to his popular Joggers series, Goldberger decided that he would take professional portraits of 80 Harley-Davidson riders from France. These Harley enthusiasts were not just captured face on, they were also shot with their backs to the camera. Why? Because their identities are often stitched onto the backs of their jackets.

Ever since he was young, Goldberger had been a fan of the Harley brand and he's currently a Harley rider himself. Mostly with this series, he wants to show their passion, that behind that tough exterior is a kind person who sees riding a Harley, not just as a hobby, but as a way of life.

Sacha Goldberger's website
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  • Love the front and back photos, gotta get the pics of the jackets.
  • Great portraits!
  • Love this series :) It really opens your eyes to the diversity we have.
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