Who doesn’t love fanciful art? As a perfect mix of fun and creativity, photographer Klaus Enrique Gerdes creates a series of portraits made of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. "I had been working on a photography series in which I surrounded an isolated human body part with a large quantity of a certain object, when I was struck by the idea for this project," he told PDN. "While I was photographing a human eye that was peeking out amongst hundreds of leaves, it occurred to me that I could actually utilize leaves to construct portraits or masks."

His main goal is to ensure that his photos will be remembered long after they were first seen. Gerdes also wishes to satisfy with each and every image. Mission accomplished!

Klaus Enrique's website
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  • Thank you, Ricardo!
  • Its great ! Archinboldo is also great! they are both great! Congrats Claus, really great!
  • Hi Alyssa, thank you for blogging my work.

    Hi Sharon, the entire series is actually called "Arcimboldo", and if you look at the PDN link that Alyssa provided, you will see that he is definitely mentioned. However, I was not aware of Arcimboldo's work until I started doing research on portraits made of leaves, which was my original concept. After learning about Arcimboldo's paintings, I considered whether I should go ahead with the photographs or dismiss the entire project. I really believe that art is very much like science. It never exists in a vacuum, and it can only move forward from what has been achieved so far, even when it is to react completely against the perceived wisdom of the time. To me it felt right to acknowledge the work of Arcimboldo by reinterpreting his works first, before starting with my own concepts. If you want to see the first of my own "Arcimboldos" you can do that on my facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Klaus-Enrique-Photography/65621919068

  • So clever, now it's time for dinner!
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