In Sarasota Florida a group called Team Sandtastic has taken something that many of us did as kids and turned it into an art form (and a business). I came across these guys while doing research for another subject and was transfixed by what they accomplish using a few ordinary rocks. There's no glue or wires here - just patient, thoughtful stacking.

Team Sandtastic has elevated this skill to performance art which they perform as a business for corporate gatherings. The audience can participate too and with a little coaching from the team can produce their own impressive stacks.

I'm really inspired to go out and make my own rock stacks now. If they can do it then so can I, right?

The Team Sandtastic rock stacking website is here. They also do some very impressive sand sculptures (hence the name) and snow sculptures. You can see those here.
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  • Really cool, love the pic of the rocks stacked in the middle of the river.
  • Looks like i found a new hobby
  • Here's one more photo. These guys do really cool work.

  • Cool!
    It also reminds me of a stacking game my friends and I do. We just try to stack everything we can find that's lying around on the table.
  • Fabulous! That method is how they built the "Truli" in south Italy, without glue, cement or anything. Alberobello is called the town famous for them. Thanks for sharing.
  • Very cool. Esp love that first piece. Amazing. Thanks for the post, Mark!
  • Really good , when I was a kid on the countryside, we used to make cars of pieces of wood and apples for the wheels
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