For all of you in California, we're now on our way to geting our modern high speed train! Prop 1A passed on November 4th by a margin of four percent; the act approves nearly $10 billion in bond money to build a modern bullet train linking northern and southern California. that is expected to reduce air pollution by taking cars off the road. Quentin Kopp, chairman of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, said Tuesday night, "Thanks to tonight's vote, a state-of-the-art, new transportation choice will link every major city in the state and move people and products like never before. The citizens of California have put the 21st century golden spike in the ground with a clear affirmation of high-speed trains." The train will link San Diego in the south with Sacramento in the north, with stops at most every major city in between (LA and San Francisco included).

Fast stats? The 800-mile network of trains would operate at upwards of 220mph and cost around $45 billion to construct, but it'll create 320,000 permanent jobs by 2030 and reduce the state's reliance on fossil fuel by 12.7 million barrels of oil per year. Let's hope we can pull this off! Sources: engadget & ens-newswire
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  • I can't wait for this thing to be built!
  • what is it powered by? Is it like a mag-lev?
  • I have ridden a bullet train a couple of times, once in Europe b/t Paris and Amsterdam and once in Japan. It's really unbelievable how fast they go. I'm sure the pricing will be competitive with airline prices, otherwise it wouldn't make sense.
  • that's a helluvulotta money...

    wonder how much a ticket from LA to SF would cost...
  • I wonder how strong of an earthquake we will need to see all of that money bullet down the toilet?
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