Punch Me Panda

Punching a panda isn't something you just wake up and long to do. That is, of course, unless you live in New York City, where artist Nate Hill invites strangers to unleash their aggression on his wickedly cool character, "Punch Me Panda."

Hill ordered the panda suit on eBay and bought the biggest chest protector he could find on the internet. He wanted to offer a public service - to relieve people's stress through violence. He gets punched (and roundhouse kicked) about 100 times a day.

"I choose the panda suit because the panda face really melts people’s heart," says Hill. "I wanted to have people get out their aggression on something cute. It’s fun to have that contradiction. This is an art project. I’m not just a thrill seeker."

Punch Me Panda
Photo credit: Rob Bennett
via [metropolis - wall street journal]

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  • Should be "Punch Me Wall Street Trader" or "Punch Me Bank CEO". I got no beef with pandas.
  • hahahhaa ! I wish I could punch a panda one day .... not a real panda,of course.
  • Somedays this would make me feel better.*looks around for a punch me panda*
  • HAHA, nothing like punching a panda to make your day.
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