Just 17 and five months into taking up photography, Nicholas Max is already starting to gain a strong following. He has an artistic way of shooting that's inspired by other ingenues, like Brian Oldham, and there's a freshness to his images that could only come with young age.

We get excited when we see talent like this grow and develop - teenagers able to creatively express themselves, carefree and open to sharing their passion with the world. (Who could forget Alex Stoddard?)

Nicholas Max's website and Flickr
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  • really WHO Will????
  • I agree, these shots seem pretty typical. Except the one with the tornado! Sitting in front of a tornado is good.
  • "there's a freshness to his images that could only come with young age."

    Hmmm ,style reminds me of every other teenage prodigy featured here. There's even the cliched lying in the forest huddled in the fetal position photo. Classic expression adolescent themes isolation, inepitude, concealed practices, blah, blah, blah ...that's really not exceptional, it's rather standard. Where's the expression for the tendency of the sensible to become significant or the aspect that material assumes on a human level? That would be refreshing but it likely eludes them as a defect of their age.
  • Love the photography! :)
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