Has Venice's famous Grand Canal completely frozen over? Not quite. Though it may appear so in these photos, they're actually the clever work of art director Robert Jahns (or nois7 on Instagram). He's taken photos shot by others, like Venice’s Piazza San Marco by Luis Manuel Osorio Fernando, and Russia's Lake Bakail taken by Daniel Kordan, and spliced them together to create a surreal composite that looks almost believable. Though Venice's famous canals have frozen in the past, as they did most recently in 2012, they've never turned completely solid like this.

On Instagram, Jahns is known for his mind-boggling Photoshop work that includes rickety roller coasters racing down skyscrapers, deer with branches for horns and daredevils performing death-defying tricks. His unique vision of the world will make anyone viewing his photos do a quick, head-snapping double-take.

Robert Jahns on Instagram
via [Another Mag]

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