Rubik's TouchCube Will Light Some Competition Under Elmo's A**

Some things need to be left alone. Coke. Yeah 'nuff said. But the Rubik's cube? Well, that baby's ready for an update. The blogosphere has been abuzz about the Rubik's 360 but why change the shape when you can just make it electronic?

Engadget: "Christened the "first completely electronic, solvable Rubik's Cube," this one maintains the shape of the original but replaces the colored stickers with actual lights. Users ready to engage their minds simply hit the scramble button on the cube, and then rearrange the blocks by swiping their finger."

Move over Tickle Me/Stand Up/Roll Over Elmo. I'm calling it right now. Hottest Christmas toy. Look for it around then.

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Comment by E on February 12, 2009 at 12:25pm
Dang. *Tries to peel off stickers and pop off individual cubes* Nope, can't solve it.

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