Seoul, Korea-based Samoo Architects & Engineers (SAMOO) recently proposed a design for the National Research Center for Endangered Species that will be constructed in Yeongyang-gun, one of the cleanest environmental areas in Korea. In the winning design, the firm proposed a three-part structure that will blend harmoniously within the surrounding environment while functioning as a central point for research regarding rare plants and animals in the country.

The center features three main sections: The Core Zone hosts the visitors' area, offices, and a quarantine space. The Refresh Zone will contain guest houses and housing for the researchers. And, finally, the main Research Zone is a modular design that will house a combination of indoor/outdoor breeding farms and research facilities, and can be expanded upon as research grows and more space is required.

Samoo Architects & Engineers website
via [Inhabitat]

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  • If only we lived in a better world. A world where we spent time and money on spectacular ideas and places such as this one, instead of wasting it on useless wars and practices that destroy our environment.


  • that design looks absolutely beautiful.

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