Tomás Silva of Zanadesign has created this brilliant method of printing in the sand to advertise ‘Cádiz 2012’ for the Council of Cadiz in Spain. It uses no gasoline, electricity or paper. It is 100% pollution free and carbon neutral. Instead of a motor he harnesses the power of children at play to rotate the wheel and print the message in the sand. After the message is recieved it is washed away by the tide leaving nothing but pristine beach in its wake.

The wheel is designed to be heavy enough to print well and not be blown about by the wind but also light enough that the children can easily propel it. It is made of materials spefically designed not to harm the beach.I love this type of creative advertising. Instead of fouling the beach with large garish signs or blaring strident messages to us out of every radio and TV he chose to work with the natural environment. The message, though ephemeral, has a far greater impact and stands a much better chance of being remembered.Original article via +MOOD. All images from Zanadesign.
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  • Awesome design!!
  • smart, simple, beautiful!
  • This is great! It's design, marketing, eco-friendly, actively engaging and sends out an educative message in a Fun! way.

    That sand...I a way, it reminds me of the buddhist monks who make sand artworks. It teaches them that nothing lasts forever. For as soon as it's finished they wipe it away.
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