At San Diego Comic Con 2011, cosplayer Victoria Schmidt, better known as Scruffy Rebel, modeled this awesome Tron-themed outfit. Designed and constructed by Jin Yo, the costume is a re-imagining of the character Quorra's outfit as a party dress inspired by the styles of eccentric fashion designer Betsy Johnson.

Like most cosplayers, Scruffy Rebel donned this original design by a fellow fan to several conventions, drawing the gaze of Tron fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. The costume, though intended as a science fictional homage, would be the perfect outfit for an event like the prom. The designer really took his time to create a wearable display of a futuristic cross between technology and fashion, all while pleasing the nostalgic senses of Tron fans.

Photo credits: [LJinto, Adam Burakowski]
Scruffy Rebel website
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via [Ian Brooks]

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  • I totally would have loved to rock this dress at prom!!

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