Reflective Moments of People Overlooking New York City

People in New York can't always appreciate the splendor of the city from down among the crowded sidewalks and streets. To capture the truly magical essence of the immense urban space, photographer Sean Ryan Pierce climbed to the rooftops and photographed people as they looked over The Big Apple from high above, documenting reflective moments that serve as a reminder of just how small we really are in such a big world.

The series, entitled The Backs of Strangers Overlooking New York City, features portraits of locals and visitors alike as they regard the countless buildings cascading off into the distance. Each composition invites us to peer in upon some very personal moments of reflection. There is a sense of frustration in the fact that our view is blocked and we can't relocate in order to experience the full view. However, the images also provide us with the opportunity to bond with strangers as together we gaze out upon the urban wonders of New York.

Sean Ryan Pierce's website

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