It's very fitting that Pamela Hanson lives in New York City. Her fun, sexy photos have us fantasizing what life is like for beautiful women living in the big city. Apparently, they do lots of housework in lingerie...

Hanson was born in London, grew up in Geneva, and educated at the American school in Lugano, Switzerland. She later attended the University of Colorado where she pursued her studies in fine arts.

Pamela Hanson's website

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  • Ahh the lingerie model's life:

    Breakfast: Eat one noodle.
    Look for cleaning chemicals to sniff so I can throw up.
    Wash dishes with same chemicals (yay Earth!)
    Bath and wash off greasy feeling from eating.
    Call bestie: "You won't believe how much I gorged at breakfast! I've done myself in this time."
    For the 300th day in a row, try to figure out how to dust and vacuum. (Give up after 2 mins, per usual).
    Stare at self in the mirror time! brb
    Hey half clothed man, are you coming or going? One too many Vicodin again, so it seems.
    (My dog agrees).
    Better get my beauty sleep before clubbing tonight! ttyl.
  • Laughing at all comments from vacuum cleaner up!!!
    It's a hard life for Celebrities these days, but someones got to do it, as if Icare if she breaks a nail!!
    Love the dog!!!
  • Give the girl a break she's been cleaning all damn day. She deserves that little crown.
    And for sustenance she eats a string of pasta a day....Al dente, not too long...not too short.
  • This is probably the first time she's ever held a vacuum cleaner.
  • like she does her own cooking... psh!
  • WOW. Lingerie is awesome.
  • I'm suddenly hungry for Italian for some reason.
  • i like the last one. what an pretty dog. :]
This reply was deleted.