Belgium-born artist Anja Van Herle is the person behind sexy and seductive paintings. Currently based in Los Angeles, the artist has the ability to bring her European sense of high fashion together with an American sense of wonder to create beautiful works that explore issues like identity, emotion and human relationships.

"My work is an attempt to capture the complexity of emotions that are conveyed in the human face," she says. "I've been painting portraits since I was a child, continually drawing closer to the face and eyes in order to explore the emotions they contain. There's a story behind every face; my paintings are an attempt to tell these stories by capturing delicate facial expressions and juxtaposing them with vibrant color and the dramatic interplay of shadow and light that both inform my subjects and maintain their enigmatic aura. I'm constantly delighted by the various interpretations my work receives. For some, a subject may be pensive, while to others it may be seductive or confrontational. Part of the viewing experience is for a viewer to attach his or her own emotional meaning to a work."

Timeless and chic, the women have just the right amount of mystery to them that they'll always keep you guessing.

Anja Van Herle's website
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  • Rob Hefferan's work is truly photorealism. These are not nearly touching the skill level!! But they are really so adorable and infectious and cute. I just love them!

  • These are impressive. The first one looks like a photo! Her illustration of the eyes are amazing! Love it!
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