Transportation Vehicles Made of 3D Wire

When I first looked at these pieces by Chinese artist Shi Jindian, they reminded me of really amazing line drawings. I was completely taken aback when I discovered that each form is actually a delicate and intricate 3D wire sculpture!

Shi Jindian says, “I don’t like hard, heavy materials…I prefer fine and delicate things.” So the steel wire is a perfect medium for creating these almost ethereal objects.

The artist learned how to create the three-dimensional structures by wrapping steel wires around objects. He then destroys or removes the original object, leaving the detailed, wire form in tact. The results are accurate to the finest detail. Each piece took the artist years to construct, and according to his bio, he says the pieces, “touch the state of mind that emerge from the labor of my hands: tranquility and calm.”

Shi Jindian’s website
via [Arrested Motion]

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