Since the film franchise The Fast and the Furious came out in 2001, drag racing has been recognized and improved upon by motor enthusiasts in global street culture. Australia-based photographer Simon Davidson captures the popular adrenaline-rushing sport that has swept the world with its fast-paced and dangerously stylized activity. His series known simply as Burnouts, features an exhilarating display of vehicles embellished with color, design, and hardware submerged in fields of smoke and fire.

Each thrilling frame manifests a swell of excitement through the fog of each car's own exhaust system being pushed to its limits. The action feels palpable in every shot. Just seeing the drivers' arms and fists extending from their windows as the cars skid to create the magnificently overpowering field of smoke revs up the viewer and allows us to feel the surge of elation. The mounding smoke and blazes of fire also, remarkably, add a sort of heavenly and hellish stillness to each shot. Maybe I watch too many movies, but I am overcome with the sense of a slow motion uproarious cheer when looking through this series. Also, M.I.A.'s song "Bad Girls" is now stuck in my head.

Simon Davidson website
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