Rome-based nature and wildlife photographer Simone Sbaraglia ventured to The Netherlands to document the billions of magnificent tulips for which the country is known. He rented a plane to take him high above the fields in order to transform the flowers into magically captivating abstractions filled with vibrant colors and patterns. From such a high aerial view, the dynamic streaks look more like bold strokes of paint across a canvas rather than what they really are—rows and rows of delicate little tulips.

By eliminating any human presence within the photos, Sbaraglia created breathtaking landscapes that remind viewers of the beauty of nature. "I am especially drawn to the geometry and colors, so I loved the harmony of the tulip fields from an aerial view," explained Sbaraglia. "Having rented a small airplane, I explored the area from above, taking several hundred photographs in total. I was happy with the results, as, to me, the pictures seemed like the abstract paintings, and that was what I was looking for."

Simone Sbaraglia's website
via [Faith Is Torment]

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