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  • @ Mark. I think it's weird that someone would refer to Banksy as a thug since the people he targets tend to be corporations and governments that have much more power than he does. As for the tagging vs graffiti vs art debate that is a tough one. My personal belief is that tagging tends to be solely about the ego of the person doing it and their desire to see their name everywhere. Where as graffiti and street art tend to be a way for the artist to communicate with the outside world. The problem is when some of the best graffiti artist are also taggers. One thing that bothered me when in Europe was all the tagging on these old and historic buildings. It's one thing to ruin the side of your local Old Navy and another to damage history.
  • I saw the same video on Gizmodo and several people there commented that Banksy was not an artist, just a thug with a spray can and a stencil. I think that he is an artist. His style and his social commentary are as good as anything hanging in a museum anywhere. I have however just come back from Rome and saw a TON of graffiti there that really damaged the look of the entire city. It wasn't art, just tagging, and it was kind of depressing. I don't know how to draw the line between the two though.
  • 2010 year industry somewhere on planet earth...
  • cool!!!! ++ )
  • WOW! That was seriously awesome. I'm kind of surprised that 20th Century Fox approved the intro. So many great parts but my favorites included the rat in the bird's mouth at the beginning, Bart writing "I must write all over the walls," the Chinese sweat shop, and the decapitated dolphin's tongue used to seal the boxes.
  • Awesome!
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