When I think about skeletons, I usually associate them with death. What makes Saúl Hernández's skeletons so special is how they are so alive. These extraordinary bronze sculptures are part of his “208 OSEOsidades” collection. Saul is from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and his collection of skeletons are 8.27 inches (21 centimeters) in height and a 1:8 scale replica of real skeletons. All the sculptures are mounted on a base made of marble, onyx and stainless steel while the skeletons themselves are made of bronze with a wax of silver. Great work Saúl!!

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  • Hey Will! You put a smile on my face, 'boning", I needed that today. I think there real works of art- they do look alive!
  • I kinda like the one where they're boning. (i kinda want to slap myself for this stupid pun too.)
  • That boy needs to eat! He's nothing but skin and bones ... Wait, not even skin!
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