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  • Whos the artist? ...its just great!
  • Oddly enough, it's pieces like this that gives me hope that we, as human beings, will end up okay. I feel that we're blessed with so many talents and so many different ways of seeing things that we can't help but overcome any obstacles we may face in our collective future as long as we keep an open mind to the amazing ideas of others. I can't help but appreciate the ability in others to see things in a different light, one that I couldn't see for myself until they've illustrated to me its brilliance.

    "Art is a guarantee of sanity."
    - I don't know who wrote that, but it's something cool I saw on a MOCA mailing that has kinda hit home for me.
  • how cool is that?! nice find...
  • wow- that's awesome- I love stuff like this.
  • so creative!
  • Love this piece of urban art. The statue is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. During the day, it just looks like someone painted a swash of stars falling to earth. But at night, the shadow of a nearby statue activates the painting and brings it to life, revealing a hidden dimension.
  • Yeah, this really is a stroke of brilliance!
  • Perfect!!!
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