Surely you'll agree that there's no better time to experience the magic of Christmas than at night. Watching the Christmas lights come on, you can't help but feel the excitement in the air. As we take a look at these spectacular Christmas lights from around the world, may we appreciate just how much time and effort went into these artistic displays. Also, notice how each is so uniquely special to that city!

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  • FYI.. the picture of the museum is in San José, COSTA RICA..  NOT CALIFORNIA... 

  • singapore is big on this stuff - a few years back - Scotts had ballerinas mount way up high - lots of fun looking up their dresses
    LOL - what can I say - a guy thing
  • The 7th picture: looks like people are holding their umbrellas because of the snowflakes are falling down! Cool picture!
  • I was in Singapore a couple years ago and each mall on Orchard Road had a huuuuge christmas installation inside or outside or Both. Some of them were pretty cool. One made of television sets was interesting.
  • Barcelona... How Gorgeous.
  • I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Wish it was Christmas all year long.
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