Steamy Seductress

Move over Megan Fox and Armani! In quite possibly the steamiest and sexiest ad campaign for underwear on the internet, photographer Henrik Adamsen shoots model Sarah Grünewald for Forrest & Bob Underwear. In beautiful, colored lighting, Sarah slowly and seductively undresses for her partner's voyeuristic pleasures.

Hendrik Adamsen

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  • Is Adam James Cuz - Energetic Pumping
  • hm.. want to know the name of the song. anybody have an idea??
  • uhh.....probably one of the sexiest photo shoots I've ever seen. PERIOD. Thanks hun!
  • it's only a bad thing when you're in the office trying to be productive. :]
    now you've caught back at this page staring at the visuals again. i'm going to be useless this morning...:]
  • you guys write about it like it's a bad thing...:)
  • Ya, thanks Alice. My morning sex thoughts have risen to a new high.
  • I had so many things on my mind this morning. Now I can't remember a single one. Wow. Thanks Alice.
  • Too hot for TV! It won't be long till it gets censored. Anyway, the 3rd pic looks like a splitting image of Angelina Jolie! O_O
  • very nice.
  • so hot it should be illegal.
This reply was deleted.