People vs. Places is a blog featuring the collaborative efforts of Chicago-based photographers Stephanie Bassos and Timothy Burkhart. Going old school with 35mm film, the duo rely on each other to create interesting art. First, Bassos exposes a roll of film by focusing her attention only on people as her main subjects. Next, she passes the camera along to Burkhart who rewinds the film and double exposes it with photographs that involve only places, locations, and landscapes.

The final results are overlapping compositions that are reminiscent of a dream, where the elements of fragmented people and places blend together, but everything still somehow falls into coherent place. The negatives are unedited, so what you see on the blog are images that come straight out of the camera. During the process, neither photographer is aware of what, exactly, the other will photograph, and so, the final results are a combination of skill, coincidence, and a whole lot of luck.

People vs. Places website
Timothy Burkhart's website
Stephanie Bassos' website
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  • my boyfriend did a similar thing with his friend a few years ago - the results, like here, are mostly meaningless, but one or two shots per film can turn out interesting :)

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