Subtle Sexiness

If you believe that sexiness has more to do with what you don't see than what you do, then you'll appreciate the photography of Patricio Suarez. The New York-based photographer works as a director of photography, mostly shooting commercials. "I love what I do and photography is just an extension of that," he says. "I carry my camera wherever I go. Most of my work derives from this."

Patricio Suarez's website
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  • Really beautiful! Gorgeous work.

  • Wonderful!

  • These are so beautiful! The color in the first one is something fantastic, but I think my favorites are the out of focus ones. They are so dreamy. It is hard to imagine liking something out of focus; it's not natural for our eyes, but the dreamlike effect they have works very well. It's as if someone is lying on a bed, just waking up, and is seeing these beautiful back-lit women in the distance as his or her eyes adjust.
  • not bad
  • Thanks everyone for your great comments. Kate, I want to assure you that all my models are of age. They all sign model releases. I realize that some might look very young but the youngest model I've shot was 22. Thanks again.
  • Beautiful photos
  • Weew, nice, very sexy shots!
  • um... does anyone else wonder if one of these girls is a minor ?!! 't'is a worry...
  • ahhh, this is very sexy indeed!
  • Nice shots!
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