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  • I like the wall color.
  • Yeah, but if you gave 'em all that stuff, would they still be monsters? They'd be like reformed or somethin' - monsters in name only are not monsters. Unless... you reform them but they regress at the sight of fire and go about doin' the stuff that made 'em monsters to begin with - I could subscribe to that. Though, in the end, they'd still be monsters: devoid of love, consumed with pain, and hungry for monster-like goodies.
  • @E Check-check-checkiddity out yo. Girls can love monsters just as much as boys can love them! Monsters need as much love as they can get. They've been shunned from society for too long..made to sleep under our beds...they get no respect, I say! (Side note, I can't believe we're arguing about monsters.)
  • *sniggers* that sounded dirty! BTW: Is not package dealio, you fibber! C'mon, girls not supposta even play with cars OR monsters! C'mon! how about a couple a weekends outta the month visitation or sumthin?
  • @E Hey, no fair, dude. Don't you's all included as one big package. Plus, no one touches my monsters! :)
  • Fine, you get the shelf, I get the stuffed monsta and that cool car. Deal?
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