The Aeris Stainless Steel Fireplace features a striking and functional design conceptualized by Federico Otero. Instead of using firewood or requiring a gas connection, the Aeris uses a combustion chamber running on denatured ethanol. When the summer months roll around, the combustion chamber can easily be removed and a stylish drink cooler can take its place. With the ability to rotate 360 degrees and be hung at six different heights, the Aeris will surely add a unique touch to any room of the house.

Cocoon Fires' website
via [Motiq Online]

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  • Love this! Both as fire or ice. Looks cool...

  • The fireplace looks really bad. I imagine the stainless steel would get extremely hot. Its great how you can direct the heat though.

    This would look better if it was made of glass and used as an aquarium.

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