"There are just some things that you can't do with a real car without getting into a lot of trouble. So we built a 1/10 scale RC model of the Nissan Sentra SE-R and filmed it tearing through the city on its way home." Also, make sure to check out how they made it! Thanks Duc, for the tip!
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  • Whoa!! Nissan supercar!! I like how the mini sentra drifted. So cute! Behind the scenes are equally awesome!
  • @Duc - Thanks for the "making of" video. Puts everything into perspective.
  • Yes, we're long overdue for lunch. I'm now working on the westside if that helps any. Not sure if you're up here during the week though. If not, we can pick a weekend!
  • That was too cool...as Eugene said, thanks for the tip, Duc! Let's grab lunch soon.
  • Did you check out the related video on how they filmed it? So awesome!!

  • This commercial is so RAD! Brings me back to the days of RC cars. AHHH to be young again.
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