Budapest, Hungary-based Sarolta Bán is a 28-year-old photographer whose surreal photos have a surprisingly sweet side to them. In fact, though there's always an air of mystery that surrounds them, her photos read like individual stories filled with hope.

It's hard to believe that Bán only started down this creative path about three years ago. As she tells us, "I learned digital processing by myself, just by experimenting.

"The whole thing started with a picture from a house in Torino, Italy, I didn’t like the sky, so I grabbed one of my photos and changed it to a Hungarian sky. I was so delighted that I could do that. It makes me happy when I can bring an idea to life."

Though Bán is influenced by many artists and photographers, she really enjoys the work of Chema Madoz and Robert ParkeHarrison.

When asked what piece of advice she'd share with others, Bán thad this to say. "When you have messed something up in a photo, don’t be upset, maybe you can still use it as a really good piece in a montage."

Sarolta Bán

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  • I love these pictures!
  • Wow!
  • Simply amazing!
  • These are incredible! What's even more amazing is that the artist is self taught. Great job!
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