A park bench may not be the first place you'd probably look for incredible works of art. Paris-based artist Pablo Reinoso, however, will make you think twice...

Using swirling wood and steel bars, the Argentine breathes life into benches by giving them roots, like that of a tree. The benches twirl and dance as though they are enjoying life, even forming relationships with other benches or the fortunate people who sit on them.

"The 'chair' as an object and concept has been with me all along," says Reinoso. "I have always thought about, made, bought, and collected chairs. African, Asian, occidental, country, modernist, stupid, fortuitous, and sophisticated chairs - they have always interested me."

Pablo Reinoso
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  • I'm agree with sAm, LOVE this functional and flowing design especially with this use of natural elements...
  • These are incredible. I love functional art.
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