Switch+ by Modulorbeat

My new fav material is perforated metal and Modulorbeat, an architectural firm from Germany has used it perfectly to create a translucent jewel box! For those who can read German, I would love to know what this building is used for. Thanks.

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  • cool building + post.
  • very cool pei! nice post!
  • Very cool!
    For skulptur projekte münster 07, a temporary structure has been created for the plaza in front of the former Westphalian Museum of Archeology at Rothenburg 30. Designed by the Münster-based architecture firm modulorbeat, an approximately twelve-meter-tall pavilion called switch+ offers a central location for services related to the exhibition, including an information point, catalogue sales, rentals of the multimedia tour system, and a specialty bookshop. The structure has produced an entirely new environment between the existing building at the corner of An der Rothenburg and Pferdegasse. What previously was an open and unused space has become an ideal meeting place. To enliven the plaza yet further, a café has been opened up in the foyer of the Skulptur Projekte office, with outdoor seating extending to parts of the plaza and pavilion.
  • I like metal a lot too.
    Some cool websites for you archi-heads:
    I photographed the Sheats/Goldstein House by John Lautner
    (also see parts 2-5)
  • Great post, very cool stuff!
    Google offers translation for any website. If you search the topic, there is a "translate this page" button to the right of your search result.
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