Whether you're into tattoos or not, there is no way you can deny the skillful art and beauty of Japanese tattoos.

Continuing since about the 3rd century, tattooing in Japan is a tradition that has been developed over a long period of history. Popular themes include: carps, tigers, mythical animals such as dragons and phoenixes, flowers such as Japanese cherry and chrysanthemum, and the Buddhist motifs like Amitabha Tathagata, bodhisattva and Siddham script (bonji).

In Japan, the choice to adorn your body with ink is not without stigma. For example, you're not allowed to enter a public bath (onsen) in Japan if you have tattoos.

If you're looking for a cool new coffee table book, you can find more of these breathtaking images from the book, Tattoo in Japan. The large format photo book is divided into four chapters dedicated to different geographic regions: Tokyo, Chubu, Kyoto, and Osaka. Each area is known for a distinct style of ink art.

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  • @Dijana - I feel the same exact way....
  • is this real?

    well i like to see nice tattoos on other people and on some of them it looks just HOT..
    but its not for me
  • So crazy! I can't even imagine how long this took...
  • @Kevin - LOL!
  • Nice way to sneak in some butt cleavage Eugene!
  • incredible.... very colorful..amazing talent!
  • Not a big fan of tattoos, but these are amazing. Loving the color, so vibrant!
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