"Capturing in colors is photography, capturing in black and white is art," says Joel Tjintjelaar. Looking at his magnificent portfolio, it's easy to see what the Dutch photographer means...

Tjintjelaar removes color to unveil the true essence of objects, situations, sceneries, and people. Instead of using bright pigments to seduce viewers, he focuses on capturing emotion and people's hearts.

" A camera is just a piece of hardware with no mind, no soul, no artisticity, just an object that records a situation, unbiased and emotionless," he says. "I'm not interested in the vision of a piece of hardware, I'm only interested in the vision of the artist with a mind and soul, who will alter the image to his reality. It's the difference between photography and art."

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  • Pretty good photos! The long exposure-times makes them calm and reduces the focus to the objects. cool!
  • Wow, these are AMAZING. Incredible!!!
  • I love them all! I have to agree, black and white photography is art. There is this rawness to it that just makes it work.
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