The Best Beggars (10 Dogs)

Who hasn't been approached by one of these hungry hunters? Oh our friends are there for us when we need them but never as much as when we have an extra piece of steak in our hands. These furry creatures turn up the charm when they smell that delectable dessert. Who can say no to those puppy dog eyes? So go on and give in. They'll be your best friend... (Above by jclutter)

By red dirt girl

By zoltanszucs

By duckgu

By etgeek

By Let Ideas Compete

By jonatan | sytron

By Wayner Cullinaner

By clarkiek Flickr
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  • @ panda: word--i hear you on that one....
  • Aw how cute is the first one?!
    I'm convinced that "cute begging face" is a superpower God has bestowed upon dogs for survival
  • Poor guy in the last one, missing an eye. That'll teach you to beg!
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