THE best tea I have ever had in my life (no, seriously): Cinammon Orange MarketSpice Tea
Eugene brought this back from Seattle's Pikes Place...this was one of the tastings on the Savor Seattle Food Tour.
I don't get paid for showcasing products on this believe me when I say this is seriously the best tea I have ever had.

It's this cinnamon-orange spice tea that is truly unique. The aroma, the perfect amount of sweetness...even without any sugar or honey.

Ingredients: Special tea blend, natural and artificial flavors and spices. Contains no sugar.

I actually called them up and asked them where I could buy it....
$6.00 for a pack of 24

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Comment by alice on June 19, 2008 at 8:51am
hey misa! i'm going to stock up on this stuff and keep it at the playa's club for all of us! :)

just a little warning, it makes your tongue a little numb, sam pointed it out yesterday and then a bunch of us noticed it too. we think it's the clove oil.

here's a review from a woman on amazon, good advice and some warnings included:
I love Market Spice tea. I usually get decaffeinated because the regular has a fair amount of caffeine and if you drink it a lot throughout the day you start to notice the jitters. This tea, if drank a lot, makes your teeth a little stained. It has a lot of clove oil in it, which makes your tongue sort of numb when you drink it. It is delicious. I add a little sweet 'n' low and it tastes like dessert and keeps me from snacking on more caloric things throughout the day. Keep it in the 'fridge because all the clove and cinnamon oils, etc. can go rancid, as any oils can. A tea store in Portland carries it in bulk but they keep it in a fridge.
Comment by MiSa on June 19, 2008 at 12:33am
mmm...sounds delicious...I'll check it out.
Comment by alice on June 18, 2008 at 8:56am
drinking it right now, freakin addictive.

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