The Dark Knight Rises Poster is Amazing!

Warner Bros. just released the new The Dark Knight Rises movie poster and, boy, is everyone talking about it. For good reason, of course. That shot of Gotham City crumbling - revealing a bat shape in the sky is crazy cool.

We love what SlashFilm had to say:
"Is Gotham being destroyed or rebuilt? Is that debris falling or, as the title suggests, rising? The composition also suggests a Gotham citizen looking up and seeing the outline of a bat as the only bright sky (and it isn’t even particularly bright) against the devastation of Gotham, implying that Batman gets his redemption and a truly heroic end to this trilogy. But there is so much damage — that’s not quite the dream of redemption and heroism that many of us might have.”

Sure, it feels a little like Inception's posters (same dark feel) but if this doesn't make you excited about Nolan's next movie, I don't know what will. (To the digital artist(s) behind this: "Great job! You have some mad Photoshop skills.")

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012. (Yes, sadly, that's a whole year plus some away.)

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  • can't wait...very nice poster
  • When Gotham City fall... The Dark Knight Rises!
  • I really like the poster. It is super incredibly AWESOME. :)
  • Very....dark. Can't wait.
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