The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) is located just outside the men’s room in the basement of the Dedham Community Theatre near Boston. If you can't make it to visit that illustrious location then you can now, thanks to the magic of the Internet, view the collection online.

"Art too bad to be Ignored" is their motto. I have to agree that some of these items make me doubt the sanity of the artists. These are not kindergarten drawings where a child has not yet developed the skills necessary to convey their vision. Instead they are done with exquisite, though misguided, strokes by people who ought to know better. The picture above, done in the pointillist style is called "Sunday on the Pot With George". Why do I want to see George on the pot? This next portrait is titled "Mary Todd Lincoln". Can't you tell it is her just by looking at it? What could possess this artist to turn Mrs. Lincoln into an Easter Island head?

The museum website and its permanent collection can be viewed in all their glory here.
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  • Some people just do art for themselves, and like Duchamps urinal, it can either be anti art in Dadaism, or it can just be the thought and process behind it that is the actual art.

    But I don't really appreciate the aesthetics on most modern art.
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