Inspired by an article he read about abandoned diamond mines in Namibia, photographer Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés wanted to learn more. In his magazine he had only stumbled across one picture of Kolmanskop, a now ghost town in southern Namibia that had once been a rich mining village. Online he found a treasure trove of interesting photos and at that moment promised himself that he would one day experience the Namib desert for himself. He would see with his very own eyes how the desert sands' had reclaimed its space. When he got there, he found "the beauty in the abandoned, of the useless, of the time passing by." Left at the mercy of the Namib desert, the winds had filled the rooms of the deserted buildings with sand. The diamond village that had once been thriving was now more like a surreal dream.

via PDN Story and photos courtesy of Alvaro Sanchez-Montañes. Other Amazing Photography: Where Science, Art and Photography Intersect (25 photos) When Gravity Fails (5 pics) Art of the Sky (13 pics) Magical Photography by Shinji Watanabe (12 photos)
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  • Even in it's destruction, nature turns everything into beauty.
  • Great pictures - real art!
  • increible el articulo y las fotos son exorbitantes de verdad

    amazing i love this article i expect more articles like this one jaja
  • I will always admire the inevitability of nature's prowess over us. This is beautiful stuff. I think of Tarkovsky's movies. Thanks for these images!
  • It isnt wallpaper, it's paint. Here in Africa we find it cheaper and easier to paint :)
  • Love the footprints of small desert animals in the sand.
  • Looks unreal. Very cool!
  • wow amazing! Love some of the wall paper too!
  • lo amo!!
  • Incredible!!
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