What does the new modern man look like and how does he dress? If I had it my way, he would dress like Jon Kortajarena, here for Tom Ford. New modern luxury looks like this. Sure the glasses are a bit geeky but the style is just right. Mix and match patterns, add texture to your suits, make it unexpected, give us a show. Be daring, be different, and most of all be bold. Make us turn our heads. Because fashion isn't just for the ladies, you know...

What do you think of Tom Ford's 2009 line?


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  • I like everything except for the plaid pants, I am not digging them.
  • It looks like a parody to me. It's all too exaggerated.
  • Nice jackets but the pants--too much mustard
    Shiny suits or shirts never
    This stuff might look good in print on a skinny gay dude but not in real life
  • They remind me of outfits Chuck Bass would wear on Gossip Girl. It would take a confident man to pull them off.
  • I like the middle but I would ask for a black tee shirt or poloshirt
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