I've always been a firm believer, that in tv or film, music serves as a main character. Just like the actors, it has the power to make you feel a certain emotion - happiness, fear, love, triumph....yada yada yada. I recently came across this spoof trailer on youtube that totally rocks this idea. You take a movie like When Harry Met Sally, the quintessential romantic comedy - and with a change in music --- create something entirely different. ENJOY!!<</body>
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  • Don't trust Billy Crystal!
  • Wow - that was really well done. A classic film turned upside down. Love it! Thanks for sharing.
  • Whoops, sorry just realised you already mentioned the editing!
  • Yes, the whole mood of the film has changed! Isn't that also because the editing also " servesas main character"?

    One of my fav.... romantic comedies!
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