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  • woohoo ALONSO!!!! woohoo RENAULT!!!!

    I'm a huge Renualt fan and I've been a Fernando Alonso fan for years.

    (I know I know, I'm supposed to support BMW, and I do, really. But before I had BMW loyalties to worry about I was OBSESSED with Renault and Alonso.)
  • Looks amazing!
    .. sucks for Massa - DOH!
  • I watched the race. I thought it was a beautiful backdrop. I actually wrote a little opinion piece about it on my own blog. There is something about the drive at night that is so much more dramatic and colorful than day-time races. You see the sparks and after-burn in downshifts, the brakes are so much brighter at night. it was just beautiful. Though I hate Alonso, I am glad that he and Rosberg got some points. I am also glad that Ferrari at turds. That was the highlight. Letting lowly mid-fielders come up for a taste of points has seemed to work in Favor of the McLaren team this year.

    Its so much more competitive, though there still isn't tons of over taking there is a healthy helping of drama. Next season there will be less aero equipment on the cars and they are returning to race slicks. It should be interesting. I will be launching after the race season concludes.

    Right now I am getting views from all over the world. F1 is huge... !!!
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