The Value of Life: A TV Ad that Moved Me to Tears

This touching "Melody of Life" commercial for Thai Life Insurance took the Grand Prix for TV submissions at this year's Spike Asia Awards.Words I've taken to heart from the ad:"The real value of life is not being rich, celebrated, or living a long time.Life is about how you value others.And how others value you."****Full CreditsAgency: Ogilvy & Mather, BangkokClient: Thai Life InsuranceDirector: Thanonchai SornsrivichaiProduction Company: Phenomena
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  • Oh goodness gracious, the ends of my sleeves are a bit soaked w tears. good post!!
  • Yes, very moving and really tugged at my emotions!
    I loved the part where they all ran into the sea, it brought a big smile to my face!
    Sad but uplifting at the same time!!
  • Thanks for posting that! This is a very valuable lesson we all need to remember. In addition to the people I value IRL I also value all of you here ate the Met. You're the best!
  • Amazing commercial.
  • that manipulated my emotions very well. Do they sell insurance in the states?
  • wow! what's up w/these feature film-like quality of Thai TVCs? The Pantene one was HUGE!!! nice share :)
  • Wow - that was really moving. I love the part when the mom falls asleep after she's playing guitar. Thanks for the post, Panda bear!
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