The Hurt Locker Critics are giving The Hurt Locker great reviews saying that it is a well-acted, intensely shot, action filled war epic, and is thus far the best of the recent dramatizations of the Iraq War. The Hurt Locker is a riveting, suspenseful portrait of the courage under fire of the military’s most unrecognized heroes: the technicians of the bomb squad, who volunteer to challenge the odds and save lives in one of the world’s most dangerous places. Three members of the Army’s elite Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) squad battle insurgents and each other as they seek out and disarm a wave of roadside bombs on the streets of Baghdad -- in order to try and make the city a safer place for Iraqis and Americans alike. Their mission is clear - protect and save - but it’s anything but easy, for the margin of error on a war-zone bomb is zero. BLOCKBUSTER FLOP OF THE WEEK

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Critics are giving the latest Transformers flick horrible reviews saying it is a noisy, underplotted, and overlong special effects extravaganza that lacks a human touch. Sam Witwicky again joins with the Autobots against their sworn enemies, the Decepticons. Directed by Michael Bay and starring Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. CULTURAL PICK OF THE WEEK

Afghan Star Critics are giving Aghan Star rave reviews saying it's an enlightening and sobering documentary on Afghanistan’s very own American Idol. In Afghanistan you risk your life to sing. After 30 years of war and Taliban rule, pop culture has returned to the country—and since 2005, millions are tuning in to Tolo TV’s wildly popular American Idol-style series Afghan Star. Like its Western predecessors, people compete for a cash prize and record deal. More surprisingly, the contest is open to everyone across the country despite gender, ethnicity or age. Two thousand people audition, including three extremely brave women. And when viewers vote for their favorites via cell phone, it is, for many, their first encounter with the democratic process. check movie showtimes
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  • I had never heard of the hurt locker, so thanks for bringing it to my attention... it looks good.

    As my discussion suggests, I saw Transformers. I have mixed feelings about it, as I LOVED the original, and although this one had a lot of good points (some of the action sequences were amazing), I have to agree with most of the critics who said it was missing what the original had.

    I reallyl want to see Afgan Star, ever since the director and creater of Afgan Star was on the daily show. Should be a good weekend!
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